About us

Our Four Pillars


Carrying traditions forward

 Our heritage represents not only our past but is pillar of our being. This is something we believe firmly and hence we try our level best to replicate our ancestral recipes for The Great Indian Mithai’s. This, we do, not only to indulge in their generous offering but we feel out traditional sweets are losing their respect. So we have taken it on us create these delicious delicacies and re-gain their lost glory.



Giving Importance to what matters

 Today our technological enhancement has improved our lives drastically. However, we think this advancements also have a flip side, especially to our food. Now a days, it is all about processed food and the core value of diet is blatantly ignored. The significance of seasonal, fresh, natural are merely used for marketing. This transition is something we do not agree with. Our focus is always to give importance to the heart of food, its raw material. To core of every great meal/dish is their ingredients. We swear by this philosophy. We ensure that at no time is our raw material is of an inferior quality. Quality of our raw material is paramount.


Exploring New Possibilities

 Evolving is in our genes. It is our mantra the one who stops exploring will stop evolving. This mantra is embedded in our every operation, activity and product.

We continuously strive to find new/different improved ways to perform a defined paradigm. Additionally, we constantly experiment with unknown ingredients, methods, techniques and more.

 One thing you can always expect from us is something new with the original soul intact.


Have some fun

 It is criminal to just keep drilling and slogging without having fun. It is our conscious effort to not only have fun while working but also make our work fun. As we think that anything that is indulgent should be fun too. So getting a bit messy and playful is something we hold dear.


 The Bakeyard

 The Bakeyard by On a roll, is an effort to provide scrumptious and indulging bakery & confectionery creations. Our focus is to take very best ingredients, treat them with respect and care to create a harmonious and balanced final product. It is always our sincere effort to not only create something that is tasty but also reflects our personality. We take a lot of time in curating every product. It involves a process where in focus is not only on the taste but also its raw material and role of every step that is involved in creating the final treat. This is done to ensure the resultant product is a true representation of us. We take immense pride in not only the final product but in every step that leads to it.